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Exploit Your Potential


We offer man power and outsourcing services offering expert and professional human resources services by supplying employees at all levels at various different industries and sectors. We also specialise in human resource consultancy to both businesses and individuals.


We offer professional services to business and individuals focusing on helping our customers have skilled resources to reach the strategic objectives of their organisation. Our company is consistently dedicated to the industry’s research and development initiatives. 


We strive in strengthening our relationship with clients. We believe that every client deserves their own unique solution, there’s no such thing as a typical client. We bring deep expertise, but are known for our holistic perspective towards satisfying client requirements.



United Human Resources Ltd, is a Malta registered and based company specialising in the provision and supply of manpower for the provision of  outsourced services.


The company is the Human Resources hub of JWJ Investments Group Ltd. 


The company was set up in response to the market’s need for skilled human resources for the hospitality, transport and security sectors. 


Since the beginning of its existence, our efforts have been concentrated on providing advanced solutions to offer high services. 

Our company offers expert and professional human resources services. We are a man-power company supplying employees at all levels at various different industries and sectors.


Our group of companies, JWJ Investments Group Ltd works across a wide variety of sectors including: 5 star hotels, factories, industrial complexes, commercial establishments and offices.

At United Human Resources Ltd we always welcome enquiries from clients in different sectors, to whom we can bring the benefit of our 'fresh eyes', flexible, sustainable and tailored approach.


Based in Malta, we aim to build long-term relationships, ensuring that the work that we do facilitates the best services for our clients for the short, medium and long-term. 


We believe that our people are at the heart of our company and the key to our future success. At United Human Resources, we know that good ideas come from anywhere, and with hard work and dedication, anything is possible. We are constantly looking for persons to join our group of companies.


We’re passionate about bringing together people who are not only talented but who embrace different perspectives and backgrounds. We benefit from the diverse strengths that each of us bring to the workplace and collectively engage the power of our talented people to win as one of the leading employers in Malta.

When you succeed, we succeed. United Human Resources provides a variety of tools to support associate development such as mobility, mentoring, executive coaching and team building. With great benefits, higher-than-average wages, bonuses and numerous opportunities, working with United Human Resources can be very positive and rewarding. So, if you’re looking to further your career in Malta while working with an awesome and great team, you are in the right place 😊 check out the ‘Vacancies’ below!


“It has been a real pleasure working with Walid of WT in the procurement of high quality parts for our plant. Walid provided invaluable support and advice during all the procurement process. I wish him all the very best in his business future.“

Project Manager

Mr A Boulos

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